#LGDAwareness Day and the Million Dollar Bike Ride.

This is the time of year when the LGDA focuses on two major events.

Our annual #LGDAwareness Day on May 26 and the Million Dollar Bike Ride.

Through our social media channels, you will have seen that the Million Dollar Bike was due to take place on the 13th of June in Philadelphia. Due to the recent COVIC-19 outbreak, and social distancing, the Orphan Disease Center decided to host a VIRTUAL Million Dollar Bike Ride instead of gathering face to face.  This has given us the opportunity to go GLOBAL!

How do I get involved?

  • Choose your distance of 13, 34 or 72 miles – with social distancing and limited time outside, the distances can be completed over a period of time, as long as you are finished by 13th June.
  • Self-isolating and can’t go out – this can be done on a stationary bike. Cover the miles from the comfort of your own home.
  • Whether you are on your stationary bike or on the road – become part of Team LGDA.  Join others and track your progress by joining us on Strava  Team LGDA.
  • Share your pictures/videos through our social media channels using the hashtags #LGDAwareness,  #TeamLGDA,  #LGDAReachingForACure,  #PennMedMDBR2020 
  • Set up and share your own fundraising page or the Team LGDA donation page with friends and family and ask them for a small donation to encourage you to complete your challenge and to help us reach our $30,000 target.

How do I register for the Virtual Event?

Event registration for outside of the USA is simple.  Once you have set up your fundraising page, make a donation of €23 to your own fundraising page.  If you are unable to fundraise, and we appreciate that these are difficult times, but would still like to participate, that’s fine – simply make a donation through our website LGD Alliance Europe or on the team page Team LGDA .

Fundraising Page Set Up

There is a team page set up for  Team LGDA and we would love to have more people join us.  Send an email to uk@lgdalliance-europe.org and we will send you an invite to join the Team.

If you prefer to set up your own individual fundraising page but still link to the MDBR event, click here MDBR Event

Note: The fundraising platform used is Virgin Money Giving (VMG), based in the UK.  For those out-with the UK this fundraising method can still be used to set up and raise money for the event. VMG do not charge for international usage but please do check with your own bank.

What next?

  • Get cycling – begin today and start clocking up the miles.  You have until 13th June to complete.
  • Get sharing – spread the word. Don’t forget to tell friends and family what you are doing
  • Get posting – share your photos and videos as you go
  • Have fun – use this opportunity to do something positive and have a daily focus

Can I help without registering for the MDBR?   

Yes, of course, you can.  Read on.

  • Simply donate. Every penny makes a huge difference.  Click here to donate.


  • Choose a different activity to do and raise money. It doesn’t have to be a sporting activity Choose something that you enjoy and can do while social distancing or self-isolating. Complete a large jigsaw puzzle in a day, shave your hair off, go without coffee, wine or sugar for a week.
    Get the kids involved – skip around the garden, bounce on the trampoline,  score as many goals as you can in so many hours? The crazier the activity the better.
  • Your fundraiser can still be linked to the MDBR with 100% of the funds raised going into the research fund.  Click on the link to set up your Fundraising Page
  • Make sure you share your page with family and friends and ask them for a small donation to encourage you to complete your challenge. Post any pictures and videos taken of your challenge, using the hashtags   #LGDAwareness,  #TeamLGDA,  #LGDAReachingForACure #PennMedMDBR2020 

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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