Dr. Gorham and Dr. Stout

Both born in 1885, Lemuel Whittington Gorham, MD, and Arthur Purdy Stout, MD, had long, distinguished careers in medicine and shared a lifelong interest in pathology.5, 6, 7 Dr. Gorham practiced and taught medicine and oncology and from the mid-1950’s through the early 1960’s conducted and reported the classical clinicopathological investigations of pulmonary embolism. During this time period he also authored several case series on osteolysis of bone.

Dr. Stout began his career as a surgeon and became a pioneer in tumor pathology, publishing Human Cancer in 1932. This work became the model for the Atlas of Tumor Pathology project, which Stout oversaw as Chairman of the National Research Council in the 1950s. In his later years, Dr. Stout embarked on a systematic study of soft tissue tumors in children and was among the first to link cigarette smoking to lung cancer.

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Source: www.lgdalliance.org (April 5th, 2016)